CST 336: Internet Programming

Provides students with dynamic web application development skills, focusing on the integration of server-side programming, database connectivity, and client-side scripting. Coverage includes the Internet architecture, responsive design, RESTful web services, and Web APIs.

 Lab 1: Personal Portfolio – HTML5/CSS3

 HW 1: CS Topic Website – HTML5/CSS3

 Lab 2: Hangman – JavaScript/JQuery

 HW2: Interactive Game – JavaScript/JQuery

 Lab 3: Sign Up Page – Forms/AJAX/APIs

 HW 3: NASA Picture of the Day – Forms/AJAX/APIs

 Lab 4: Solar System – Node/Express

 HW 4: CS Topic Website on Node/Express – Node/Express

 Lab 5: Favorite Pics – Node/MySQL

 Final: Pontificating Monty’s Firefly Bazaar – Node/MySQL/Sessions/Authentication/API Design