Overeaten is a 3D Platformer developed on Unity where you play as a Chef who is searching a remote island for special ingredients. These ingredients enabled Chef to cook recipes and unlock special abilities. The special abilities are necessary to access different areas of the island (beach, cliffs, forest, mountain).

Book Exchange

Book Exchange is an Android application that allows all users to post books for to sell, buy, and trade! This application showcases the skills I learned after CodePath’s six week Android development course.

Course Catalog & Scheduling Wizard

A Drupal 8 project with a custom module (PHP) that streamlines Sweetwater High’s pre-registration process and empowers students to take ownership of their academic careers. Awarded Project of the Year out of 25 total projects presented at CSU Monterey Bay’s 2020 Online CS Capstone Festival.

Food Flight

Food Flight (2020) is a food ordering/delivery web app developed using Java and Spring Boot. It utilizes the Zomato API and Bing Maps API to provide a list of restaurants near a given location. Order data is stored to our MySQL schema messages are sent out via RabbitMQ to deliver messages to two microservices–one that handles messages for restaurants and another that handles messages for delivery workers.

Pontificating Monty’s Firefly Bazaar

A whimsical and fictional shopping web application developed with Node/Express to showcase the use of sessions, authentication, API design, and MySQL CRUD operations.

Woman in Tech

Woman in Tech (2019) is an interactive choose-your-own-adventure style Android (Java, with XML for the layouts) game that depicts common struggles of being a woman in the tech sector.


Won First Place out of 50 submissions to the 2019 HackXX hackathon held at UCSD and facilitated by Major League Hacking. Prototyped a website using vanilla HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3/Bootstrap that allows users to practice responding to misogynistic microaggressions through repeated practice, incentivized with “Bravery Points” that are used to grow a virtual wellness garden.