Week 6

6.1 Capstone Ideas

Out of the four members of Team SCSI Logic, three of us mentioned developing a game. Cody would like to create a simple multiplayer game, Nathan is inspired to create a simple game with an inspirational message, and I had the idea of developing a coding game. As we gain more experience and get a better sense of what is feasible for a capstone project, I am sure that we will be able to hone in on a more specific vision.

6.2 CST 300 Final Project

Our team came up with a number of great ideas for our final video presentation project, but we all seem most interested in tackling  quantum computing. We are all extremely excited about learning more about it. Cody also has access to some great video editing software so that we can hopefully make our presentation as professional as it is engaging.

6.3 Career development

The CSUMB Career Development website provides access to a number of resources to connect both current students and alumni to the resources they need to plan their career. Career workshops and job fairs are offered for on-campus students, but any student can take advantage of the online Career Guide–a comprehensive document that covers everything from exploring majors, to nailing an interview. There are also tips on how to network and model resumes and cover letters.

In other news, I successfully finished a project that necessitated 3D printing, electronics, and programming. I used an Adafruit Circuit Playground Express to send PWM signals to four 10mm  LEDs to create a fading effect. The program is written in CircuitPython.


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