Week 8: Wrapping Up

8.1 Video project reviews


This team did a great job covering an extensive amount of information and adding in related imagery. The presentation is very well researched. The quality of the video production was acceptable given that it was  collaborative effort done remotely. My only qualm is the variation in audio quality due to the different equipment being used. The third reader did an especially great job using expression in his voice, which helped maintain my attention. Because all group members participated in the narration of the video, team work is evident. Overall, the presentation is appropriate to an audience of technology professionals.

While the visual style of this video is different and the presentation is much shorter, the explanations seem to be the same and not focused towards a different, more general audience. I would have liked to have seen a change in tone and diction as evidence that this team was aware of their audience as a more general crowd.

blockchain and cryptocurrency

This team produced a professional looking video with great vocal expression. The ideas conveyed were detailed and the diction was appropriate for an audience of technology professionals. The example scenarios with accompanying visuals made the presentation engaging and easy-to-follow. However, if I were to judge the evidence of team work on narration alone, I would say that it seemed unbalanced since the first narrator explained the most and the last narrator had the shortest part.

This team’s second video seems to just be a shorter version of their first. There is no indication that it is meant for a different, more general audience. Not only are the diction and tone of the video the same, but the visual style is the same as well. Changing these three aspects would make the video much more engaging for a general audience.


As a person who has been in the teaching profession for the past four years, this video seemed pretty well targeted towards people, such as superintendents and policymakers, who could do something about bringing computer science into public schools. They provide convincing evidence to fund such programs. The only thing that could be improved is more graphical support and more practice with narration to make it more fluent and expressive.

This video is super engaging because of the visuals. I would definitely show this to an administrator or teacher to convince them why students should have the opportunity to learn to code in a public school. This is especially important since CS is not a core subject in California and is not viewed with priority when budgets go into deficit.


Our team has done an amazing job communicating and collaborating remotely. In the beginning, we decided to create weekly agendas and to ensure we stuck to them out of respect for everyone’s time. We held conference calls via Google Hangouts consistently on Saturdays at 11am, and if anyone had a meeting conflict, we communicated and reached a resolution (this only happened once because I had a work training and we resolved to meet on Sunday instead). Every week, a different team member kept meeting minutes, which are all saved on our Team Drive for our reflection and reference.

Teamwork has always been divided fairly, with each team member contributing their fair share. I feel like, if we keep the good work up, we will be successful all the way through our capstone project!

Here are the two videos we produced for our final presentations on Quantum computing:

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