CST 361 – Week 1

Although this is only the first week of this service learning course, I started my service hours about one month ago and have finished 32 hours. Last week I put in 14.5 hours alone since AP tests start up next week and I am working towards preparing high school computer science students for the AP Computer Science Principles and the AP Computer Science A exams.

On Thursday, I stayed after school for 5.5 hours and did not leave campus until 8pm since many students procrastinated on their AP Computer Science Principles performance tasks, which were due that night electronically to the College Board at 8:59PM PST.

Luckily, I was able to keep the students motivated with pizza, donated by kind friends, and anime soundtracks; most of my students were able to submit everything by the deadline (there were a few that did not find it pertinent to attend the after school session that did not meet the deadline).

We went through many pizzas — thanks to all who donated!

Today I held the last Saturday school (4 hours) before AP tests–some AP CSP students came in to take mock exams, and some AP CSA students came to ask about the Free Response Questions from last year’s exam that I gave them for practice. I am glad to be done with my service hours already because school will be winding down after AP tests and I will welcome the downtime after an extremely long, exhausting academic year.

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