Week 4 CST 361

AP testing is over, and, with my hours complete, my focus has been on keeping my students at my site engaged for the 2-3 weeks (Seniors are done one week earlier than underclassmen) left of the school year.

My AP Computer Science Principles kids signed up for one of several modules I created for them:

  • 3D Modeling and Printing Using TinkerCAD
  • Physical Computing Using the Adafruit Circuit Playground
  • Java Programming Using Greenfoot
  • Web Design Using CodePen

One of my exceptional students approached me if he could do a special project: mod an Atari 2600 joystick into a wireless controller using Adafruit’s Feather nRF52.So, I dug up one of my old joysticks so he could work on this project!

Most of my students signed up to learn about 3D printing, so, I reached out to my colleague and friend–the school librarian–so we could borrow the library 3D printer to complement the one in my room so we could print two things at once.

My AP Computer Science A kids are also doing some extension activities. They are learning version control with GitHub and using that tool to implement a Flappy Bird clone in several phases. Students that finish this early then move on to creating a basic Android application using Android Studio. Since most of my CSA students are graduating seniors, I also had everyone in the class create a LinkedIn profile with a professional photo, list of their community service, and, if applicable, their job experience.

I have created a LinkedIn group for CS alumni at my site so everyone can keep in touch. I have had past students join as well, so now my current students have access to recent graduates who are now in university majoring in STEM fields!

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