Week 6 CST 361

The class of 2019 has officially graduated from Sweetwater High!

I gathered the rest of the footage I needed for my service learning documentary this past week at the graduation ceremony, which is held annually at a local community college since the number of students served by Sweetwater is so large.

As I mentioned before, this senior class has been particularly extraordinary. For instance, this year’s valedictorian, Alfred Vargas (whom I’ve had the privilege of teaching AP CSA to this year), wrote an amazing speech and has had several articles written about him and his achievements.

Taking a year-long leave of absence from teaching computer science to explore software engineering as an alternative career will be bittersweet, but I believe it is the right thing to do. I believe that being a successful woman in tech will make me a great role model for young women looking to pursue such careers and I look forward to serving in that capacity in the near future.

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