Week 8 CST 336

For the final for this class, our team had to develop a shopping website. The requirements were:

Minimum requirements:

If any of the following elements is missing, you will get deducted 20 points.

Documentation must include Title, Description, Mockup, Database Schema and Screenshots -20pts
missing any)
Project must use at least four database tables
The combined database tables must have at least ten fields
One of the database table must have at least 20 records

Feature requirements:

There is a “user” section in which users can search and filter data using at least three fields 10pts
Users can add items to a shopping cart  10pts
Users can see all items in their cart (Total cost is also displayed) 10pts
Administrators can login and logout from the system 10pts
Administrators can update content of at least one table (using pre-populated data in the form) 10pts
Administrators can insert new records in at least one table 10pts
Administrators can delete records 10pts
Administrators can generate at least three reports, which use aggregate functions (e.g., average price of all products in the table) 10pts
Project uses at least two AJAX calls with their corresponding Web APIs.
As part of your submission, please explain where the AJAX calls are.
Project has a nice and consistent design (preferably, use Bootstrap) 10pts
We met all the requirements with our project, Pontificating Monty’s Firefly Bazaar.

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