CST 438 Week 1

Before starting this course, much of my understanding about software engineering came from my summer internship with Qualcomm and my current internship at Achieve Internet. Software engineering is a way of applying engineering principles to software development in order to maximize software’s business value.┬áThere are several methods of doing this, as our text explains.

During my time at Qualcomm, I helped manage a product being developed by a business intelligence team in Hyderabad, India. We used Agile to develop product stories that would result in incremental prototypes.

But I also gained exposure to the Waterfall software development cycle while at Qualcomm in developing my own project — a RESTful web API. My mentor and I chose this development cycle so I could a) be exposed to multiple software development lifecycle methods and b) be able to take a good 6-8 weeks to scope out my project and develop a first working prototype (this choice was due to the length of my internship).

Since I’ve started interning at Achieve Internet, I have also been exposed to the Spiral development model and how the various people at Achieve (Project Manager, DevOps engineer, developers, etc) play a role at different points of this model.

While my definition of software engineering hasn’t changed since reading the text, I appreciate the solidification and verification of my existing knowledge and experience. I am looking forward to this class!

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