CST 438 – Week 5

This week we began our group project and started and finished our first sprint. Our project, Food Flight, is an application like Postmates or Doordash that enables a user to order food for delivery from any participating restaurant.

Our application is built around microservices that:

  • expose data to restaurants to get order information
  • expose data for a delivery person to get order information
  • expose data for the user to get order update information

Our team is rotating the Project Manager and Scrum Master roles weekly so that we each get a chance to experience at least one of these (we have a team of four). This week I was PM and led my team in prioritizing and assigning points to stories for the first sprint. I also set up our GitHub repos so that none of us can push directly to the master branch. This is to ensure that we all adhere to code review procedures before anything is merged to our master codebase.

I felt that communication was a little lackluster during our first sprint, which is understandable since we’re in a global pandemic and everyone undoubtedly has things going on. But I hope that now that we have an established codebase, communication will be a bit better moving forward.

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