CST 499 – Week 5

This week is focused on wrapping up the project and getting usability testing finished. I was able to complete the course scheduling wizard and counselor portal for looking up student wishlists. I’ve deployed the demo site here: http://kazemicode.org/suhi/

While I am still waiting on some more feedback from Counselor users, I got a lot of valuable feedback from Student users:

  • On mobile devices, the collapsible nav bar was not displaying an icon to expand the menu (Fixed)
Mobile view, with fixed “hamburger” icon for collapsible nav bar.
  • When I deployed to a remote server, links on the Graduation Requirements were broken (Fixed)
  • For anonymous users, private temporary storage for the session doesn’t behave as expected (For now, student testers will log in to an authenticated tester account until I can get this sorted)
  • Students would like the ability to add more than one core subject class (e.g. two science classes), so I am currently exploring different solutions for this — likely to be added after the capstone class.

All in all, I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished as Drupal and PHP are both new to me.

Counselor portal with exposed wishlist search form

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