Triton Hacks 2022

Triton Hacks is a hackathon for San Diego high schoolers, with special attention to gaining participation from students in the underserved South Bay area. It’s organized by a student organization at UCSD called CS foreach. This was the second year for Triton Hacks, but the first year it was in person at UCSD!

CS foreach banner that says: "educate / empower / engage"

I had such a great time volunteering my time to help students with a variety of projects spanning from block-based Alice programming to Unity game development.

Last year, I was a bit more involved and even hosted a workshop on Postman and REST APIs, but I am learning to set boundaries and not overcommit since I am both working full time and attending graduate school. I was able to enjoy the volunteer experience while not burning myself out, and there were plenty of amazing workshop opportunities for students, including one on Computer Vision!

Students watching a presentation on the Applications of Computer Vision

I was excited to see some of my former CS students present and involved at Triton Hacks this year!

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