CST 205 Week 3 Midterm Update

We’re already planning a midterm project! This week, we worked on Lab 7 with a pair programming partner to create a design for a Thanksgiving card. I had the idea to create a scene with face cut-outs. After utilizing a similar algorithm to our chromakey procedure to get the photos drawn in the right place, we added functions that would scale the face photos up or down to fit the face cut-outs. After slapping on some text to wish our audience a happy Thanksgiving, it was done!

Thanksgiving card

I had a lot of fun with this project because we got to utilize everything we have learned about image manipulation until now. I also spent a fair amount of time refactoring the code to make it more readable and generalizable. It was a lot of fun.

We are doing peer and self evaluations right now as well. Peer evaluations will involve code checks, where we go through and analyze one another’s code in terms of naming conventions (functions and variables are well named), functionality (everything compiles and executes in the expected manner), and use of abstraction (breaking down complex problems into smaller easier to understand problems). It should be a great learning experience.

I am excited about the midterm project because we get to create our own filters. I have already completed the CSUMB filter. I found out how to programmatically create a gradient of two colors and to blend the colors of two source photos together (you take the average of reds, greens, blues, and use those averages to create a new color). I also added on a pixelated version of CSUMB’s mascot, an otter!

Gradient of CSUMB’s school colors

A photo of me CSUMB-ified

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