Week 5 CST 338: Java GUI with Swing

GUI is learned late in the game with Java.  Do you think this is helpful or harmful and why? I don’t think GUI necessarily has to be learned late in the game with Java. In fact, in some ways it is harmful to hold off on programming GUIs because many students want to make a “real” program like the ones that they use in their daily lives, which usually have GUIs. I feel like many young students are turned off by introductory programming classes because they do not get the sense of achievement of creating what looks like a “real” program right away. However, I do see the merits of establishing a good background of the fundamentals before approaching GUI programming.

Why do think that coding the Swing elements in Java would be more difficult compared to some other languages? I think the biggest drawback of coding Swing elements is the fact that it is quickly becoming outdated by the newer JavaFX.

Update your learning journal from what you experienced this week with class. This week our group started using Trello to better divide up and prioritize tasks. This made our teamwork stronger and the project easier to manage.

This week was also exciting because I attended HackXX at UCSD–a women-centric hackathon that took place within a 24 hour period. I arrived without a team, met some amazing people to team up with, and our project won first place!

In other news, this past week I had the opportunity to interview with Qualcomm. I went through three 30-minute back-to-back phone interviews with people from their Enterprise Project Management Office (EPMO) and then I was invited to meet with them for coffee on site. It was an amazing and welcoming experience, and I am proud to announced that I will be interning with this team over the summer for 14 weeks!

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