Week 6 CST 338: Multithreading

What experience do you have with UML diagrams?

I use a simplified version of UML diagramming with my AP Computer Science A students, so I am familiar with the concept of representing has-a and is-a relationships with a UML diagram.

Are they used at your workplace?

Yes, I use them with my students. I am curious to see if, when I begin my internship with Qualcomm, if they use UML diagrams or something similar.

Have you done multithreading in any language before?

I guess I have with physical computing (Arduino) without realizing it was multithreading. This is the first time I used multithreading with the full understanding of what I was actually doing. I really enjoyed learning about this concept.

Did you find Patterns to be helpful? 

Yes, I found the MVC (Model-View-Controller) pattern helpful, although I had to figure out which features of the timer to integrate in which component. Ultimately, I decided the Timer class (which extends Thread) should be declared as an inner class within the Controller class since the multithreading should occur at the Controller level.

Update your learning journal from what you experienced this week with class. 

I had a lot of fun learning about multithreading and different patterns (although the focus what just on one pattern–MVC). I felt like my approach to this week’s group assignment was much more effective. Being in charge of integrating a timer that uses its own independent thread, I decided to create a simple timer using the MVC pattern that at first only displayed to the console. Then, I worked up to using Swing to make a GUI timer with a START button. After I got this working, I worked towards integrating it with the base project that one of my partners laid out. It went pretty smoothly!

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