CST 361 Week 8

This is the final week of the course and the first week of my internship with Qualcomm. I still have to wrap up my documentary for my service learning project. While I normally do not wait until near the end of the deadline to finish up my assignments, this week has been a bit rough on me. I have panic disorder with agoraphobia, and my anxiety has been heightened due to being in new, unfamiliar locations and situations. I feel like it has been worth it though for all the amazing opportunities this internship will afford me.

On Sunday, I moved into the luxury apartment in Kearny Mesa that Qualcomm subsidized for my internship. The place is unlike anywhere I have lived before. Everything needs a key fob to access–even the elevators! There are pools, a hot tub, an on-site 24 hour gym, out door areas to sit and lounge, a fire pit…and more. I have a nice room mate named Crystal that works in the same building and floor as me.

Monday was dedicated to intern orientation. We were led on a tour of the Qualcomm museum and learned about the history of the company. We also got our I-9 paper work squared away, received our badges, and got some swag (including a Qualcomm sweatshirt and water bottle!)

On Tuesday, I mainly hung out with my mentor, Marv, since the rest of my team was out on vacation or out of state on business. There were a few hiccups with my corporate-issued machine that only just got resolved today. But, it was all a great learning opportunity to learn the process of submitting service requests and getting to know the staff that assists with those issues. Marv allowed me to accompany him on a meeting and took me out to lunch at one of the on-campus cafeterias, which reminded me of the cafes at university.

By Wednesday, my manager, Connie, returned from vacation and a bunch of us went out to lunch at a place called Din Tai Fung, where we enjoyed soup dumplings, bao buns, and boba tea. Today I primarily focused on getting acquainted with the web platform my team had been working on and getting my machine squared away. Tomorrow is QSOL–Qualcomm Summer on the Lawn–where we get to invite family and friends to enjoy live music, food stands, and other events. I’m excited to show my husband around!

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