CST 336 – Week 1

We have begun our course in Internet Programming. This week was a nice refresher in basic HTML and CSS. However, I did delve into some of the newer tags in HTML5 and CSS3 rules/properties that I had not dealt with before.

I am enjoying the format of this class. It seems pretty consistent–readings/videos, followed by a step-by-step lab with an extension activity, and then a final homework assignment in which we apply everything we’ve learned to something individually unique.

This week’s assignment had a stipulation–it had to be an informative website about something within the realm of computer science. As someone who has studied computational linguistics, I naturally went for Natural Language Processing.

You can view my website on Heroku!

In other news, I spent time over the weekend at Qualcomm’s Thinkabit Lab–part of Qualcomm’s philanthropy sector that brings STEM education to schools. I got to pilot some of their new curriculum that they will be bringing to high schoolers later this year.

Having fun with the Thinkabit Lab people!

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